Sea-Band Wristband For Seasickness Relief

  • $12.00


Drug free relief from nausea.  Whether it's motion sickness (seasickness) or other causes, such as morning sickness or chemotherapy, thousands swear by Sea-Band's ability to easily and painlessly provide relief.

  • Natural relief
  • Effective
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Used by doctors and in hospitals

"Will I get sick on my cruise?" 

Fear of motion sickness is one of the top reasons people give for not taking their first cruise.  The great news is that for many, this is a non-issue.  If you are sensitive to motion however, or you are getting ready to take your first cruise and want to carry some cheap insurance, then pack a set of Sea-Bands.

Included is one pair (total two bands) of accupressure wrist bands.  Don't be fooled by the competition, which can quickly stretch out, apply improper pressure, or cause skin reactions - trust in Sea-Bands.

"The natural choice for nausea relief."

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