Strong Magnetic Hooks - Dry clothes in your cruise ship cabin and gain extra space

  • $5.99
  • Save $2.01

Did you know the ceiling in your cabin is metal?  With these hooks you can hang up clothes after washing them in the sink or just dry wet bathing suit overnight.  They're also great for adding extra storage for hats, cables, or anything else you don't want stuffed in a drawer.  No guessing whether your stateroom has a clothes line in the shower, figuring out where to put clothes when you do shower, etc.  Plus, we find that clothes dry much quicker with the airflow in your stateroom compared to the restroom.

Note that these hooks are made of neodymium, and much smaller than some you might see online, but are just as strong, capable of easily holding wet garments with ease while taking up almost no space in your luggage or dopp kit.  The 12mm hooks will easily hold several shirts/blouses or larger garments, and the 16mm hooks offer additional strength for multiple large garments, towels, and more.

  • Dry bathing suits
  • Hand-wash clothes in the sink
  • Gain extra storage

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