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Hate Paper Straws? Go Metal! - Folding Metal Cruise Drinking Straws

Foldable Metal Drinking Straw - Reusable & Eco-Friendly!

Foldable Metal Drinking Straw - Reusable & Eco-Friendly!


In an effort to reduce plastic pollution, most cruise lines have switched to paper drinking straws.  Forget about paper straws which turn soft quickly and collapse when you try and sip that frozen drink.  These collapsible metal straws fit neatly inside a carrying case (which can even be attached to these lanyards - not included), and have soft ends made of food grade silicone.  There's even a cleaning squeegee to keep your straw clean and working like new.

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The Scoop on Straws

“Royal Caribbean cuts down on use of drink straws onboard its cruise ships.”

“How The Travel Industry Is Cutting Down on Single-Use Plastics”

“Disney becomes latest major company to ban plastic straws”
-NBC News

“Cruise lines join the move to ban plastic drinking straws”
-LA Times 

What about paper straws?

“…I do hate paper straws anyway. You can taste them.”

“I hate paper straws with the fire of five suns. In an average meal I’ll go through two or three because they’re always breaking.”

“I have tried paper straws in restaurants and btw they suck no pun intended.”

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