2 to 1 Power Adapter - Gain two additional power outlets in your stateroom

  • $5.99


Most cruise ship staterooms don't have enough outlets, and most cruise lines don't allow guests to bring common power strips, which also take up too much luggage and cabin space.  This simple adapter gives you extra outlets by taking advantage of the European (type F) connector found on the vanity in most staterooms.  Simply plug the adapter in and you get two additional US outlets (one grounded "3 prong", one ungrounded "2 prong") right away.  Plug in your laptop, phone, camera charger, hair-dryer, etc.  As an added benefit, use the adapter when visiting the Europe.  All of this in a device smaller than a shot-glass - takes up almost no space in your bag!

*adapter aesthetics (such as style and color) may vary

Compatible Devices

You will need to make sure that the devices you plug in to this are, "dual voltage", capable of accepting both 110/20 and 220/240VAC power.  Most devices, such as chargers for laptops, cellphones, and cameras, are already "dual voltage" and ready to go.  Some heat-generating devices, such as hair-irons and hair-dryers are not.  Take a look at the labeling on your device and compare to those below to see if your device is capable of operating in this outlet, and contact us if you have any questions.

dual voltage labels



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