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About The CruiseHabit Shop

At CruiseHabit we have hundreds of cruises under our belt and know exactly the gear that will help make your next cruise easier, more enjoyable, and in some cases, cheaper.

Billy & Larissa from CruiseHabit.comWe started to help answer the questions cruisers didn't yet know they had and discuss the cruising industry, trends, news, and more.  With weekly broadcasts from ship & shore, first-timers articles, opinion pieces, and more, is the place to go for cruising info.

After some time we realized that there were many products out there, some of which we'd used for decades, that make cruising better and easier, but these products were sometimes difficult to find or were simply things that no one realized could be used to enhance their cruise (or other vacation).  As such, we created the CruiseHabit Shop.


Are you a travel agent?  Recently we took things one step further and launched a site just for you!  Show your clients how much you appreciate their business by heading to and let us know what you think!

We're run by impassioned cruisers and strive to deliver not only your order, but helpful cruise information as well - we want to help you save time, save money, and cruise better.

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