GoPro Magnet Cruise Ship Mount w/ Safety Tether - Attach your GoPro to the ship!

  • $12.99
  • Save $7


Capture time-lapse sail-aways, get wide-angle video of your stateroom, and more!  Simply attach any GoPro model using the standard clip and easily stick it against any metal surface.  Your stateroom verandah, walls, etc.  Don't have a balcony?  You can stick the mount right to the hull anywhere on deck.  The powerful magnet will hold your action camera safely and securely.  For extra protection loop the included steel tether to the verandah railing or other bar.

*GoPro and housing not included.


Nearly identical mounts on Amazon cost over 53% more AND don't include a safety tether!

more expensive gopro magnet mount on amazon without safety tether